I think it might be time to delete my tumblr

Tumblr has been a huge part of my life for so long. My followers and blogs I followed helped me through my recovery process and my transition to veganism. It has fueled many of my interests and my followers have provided me with so much support.
But it may be time to move on. I’m going to college next year. A lot more people than I realize that I know in real life look at my blog. And it has caused confusion and hurt feelings.
I don’t want to hurt anyone and I don’t want to waste time. I’m going to leave this blog up and inactive for a week to make sure this is the right decision.
If we’ve talked on tumblr at all (or if you want to start now!) feel free to message me and we can exchange other information.
Peace out for now bbys ✌

what if i never fall in love again

I just signed up for my first half marathon and got a training program!! I  can’t wait to incorporate running into my life more now that it’s warm(er). My training program starts next week :)

i’m a big advocate for not saying “i love you” unless that person has been embedded into your subconscious

be that person friend, girlfriend, classmate

bye chicago, cya soon new york
a week’s worth of snacks for my not-so-vegan/celiac-friendly choir trip to new york!!


typical sunday at teacher training
ps i’m obsessed with the protein bar, their superfood vegan salad is incredible

Chicago St. Patrick’s Day parade tomorrow…
the only time of year when it’s socially acceptable to be hella turnt in public at 10 AM